How long will it take to wash and dry a doona?

A doona can be washed and dried in around 46 min (washed for 22-30 min and dried in 16-24 min.)

Why use our commercial dryers?

It is more economical and greener to use our natural gas dryers rather then domestic electric dryers.
$1 = 8 min drying time.
We have super fast dryers: spend $2 to $4 for drying your washing, but read the lables on your clothing before selecting the heat level.

Why do we recommend front loading washing machines?

Front load washers give best results with less detergents, use less water than top loaders, are gentler on clothes and have higher spin speed (so clothes come out drier).

Why empty your pockets before washing or drying?

Please empty your pockets before washing or drying because some items can cause stains or tear your clothing and severily demage the machine.

Why not overloading washing machines or dryres?

Overloading gives poor wash results and longer drying time and can damage the washer or dryer.